Watch Dogs Delayed on Wii U

In a troubling sign, Ubisoft today announced that Watch Dogs, a AAA title that is due to be released on pretty much every major home console, will be delayed on Wii U. The PS3, PS4, XBox 360 and XBox One editions will all release on schedule, possibly months before the Wii U version. Owners of Nintendo’s troubled home console can take heart that at east it hasn’t been cancelled, but realistically, this is a bad sign for the Wii U edition’s chance of selling.


As the owner of a Wii U and a PS4, I was never going to buy Watch Dogs on the Wii U; it made much more sense to get it for the more powerful of the two consoles I own. I imagine there’s plenty of Wii U owners who also own an XBox One and/or a PS4 who were planning on doing the same. The Wii U edition’s best chance of success came from people who owned a Wii U and another, older console, such as the 360 or the PS3. It’s unlikely those people will wait when they have another console capable of playing the game.

This means that the only people who’ll buy the Wii U version are people who only own a Wii U, and there’s probably not many of those. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being cancelled altogether.

This makes sense for Ubisoft from a financial perspective, so you can’t really blame them for doing this. But it’s disappointing to see, nonetheless. It would have been interesting to see how well the Wii U version would have done had it released at the same time as all the other versions.




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