Dungeon Keeper Mobile “Crucifies Molyneux’s Patience”

The designer of the original (and best) two Dungeon Keeper games, Peter Moleyneux, has criticised the new mobile version of the series, saying it crucifies his patience.

Speaking at a conference in Amsterdam, Moleneux was asked what het bought of the game, which has been roundly criticised for its aggressive approach to in-app purchases and potentially rigging its user reviews.

Moleneux praised certain aspects of the game, but said “The whole of Dungeon Keeper was built around playing quickly,, be that digging out blocks or warding off enemies. However, that sort of pace is incompatible with the prevailing approach to free-to-play right now, which is predicated on the player either waiting or paying to make progress. [It] crucifies my patience. The pace of the gameplay I find terrible.”

Have you played the new Dungeon Keeper? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

via gamesindustry


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