Today’s Nintendo Direct – What You Need To Know

Nintendo gave us the first Nintendo Direct broadcast of 2014 today; the perfect Valentines Day gift (for those countries where it currently is Valentines Day).

There were a lot of announcements but here’s the most important stuff.

Mario Kart 8

It’s out on May 30th, which is an age away, but it’s Mario Kart, so you know it’ll be worth it. Here’s the new trailer.

Bayonetta 2

This looks incredible, as the new trailer shows. Still no release date but given the intense interest in it from fans of the original back on the PS3 and XBox 360, I wouldn’t be surprised if it shifts a few Wii U units when it comes out later this year.

Monolith Soft’s X

It’s a JRPG, which is a turnoff for many people, but today’s Nintendo Direct revealed it plays like XenoBlade Chronicles, which is a big turnon for many others. Add in the fact that it looks like a cross between Titanfall and Monster Hunter and you have another potential system seller on your hands. They gave us a gameplay trailer today. Now we just need a release date, dammit!

Gameboy Advance Games on Wii U Virtual Console

Oddly, the first GBA virtual console games to be released outside of the Ambassador Program are coming out on Wii U, and not 3DS. The first three games will be Metroid Fusion, Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga and Yoshi’s Island.

NES Remix 2

The first NES Remix was a fun if shallow diversion. Expect much the same when this is released in the US and Europe n April 25.

Nintendo Goes Free To Play

Nintendo announced two F2P games. The first, Steel Diver: SubWars on 3DSis a sequel to the underwhelming 3DS launch game Steeldiver and now it’s a FPS. In-app purchases allow a wider range of missions and subs.

The second game also on 3DS, is called Rustys Real Deal Baseball. Free to play, it’s a collection of mini games based around baseball. Each title has a starting price of $4, but in an interesting twist, players can bribe Rusty with in-game items and haggle for a cheaper cost — which is reflected in the real world price of the game. You can also lend him your ear and listen to his many problems, which also results in a lower price.

Yoshi’s New Island

A new sequel to the original Yoshi’s Island, the trailer looks decidedly kiddy but will be great fun for all ages… just as the original Yoshi’s Island on SNES was.

All The Other Stuff

Less important but still noteworthy, Little Mac will be a playable character in Super Smash Brothers, Kirby Super Deluxe is out May 2nd, and there was a new trailer for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, which is out next week.

Wii U sales may be in the pits, but the gaming schedule for both it and 3DS are rosy. 2014 will be a bumper year for Nintendo fans indeed!


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