Initial Reviews of ‘Thief’ Reboot Not Promising

Longtime fans of the Thief series of stealth `em up games (like me) were probably looking forward to getting their hands on the rebooted Thief game, due out here in Australia on Thursday. That enthusiasm may be diminished somewhat by the first lot of reviews that have started to leap out from the shadows from the major review sites online.

Gameinformer gave it the best review of the majors, giving it an 8 out of 10. Even so, their review was not without any criticism.

“Eidos-Montreal may have adhered too closely to the series’ roots, resulting in a reboot that suffers from classic problems like simplistic combat and trial-and-error sneaking missions. However, locked behind this old-school game design is a gem that stealth fans should eye up for their collection.”

Sadly, it really only goes downhill from there. IGN gave it a 6.8 out of 10 saying “Between the hit-or-miss missions is an extremely annoying city hub map and a weak story full of bland characters, and Garrett himself isn’t as sure-footed as a master thief ought to be.”

Gamespot gave it a 6 out of 10, writing;

“As Thief seesawed up and down, my enjoyment of it followed suit. Each time I thought I might fall in love, the game doused my passions with a new annoyance. There was the bug that had me swimming in place on top of some boards I’d leapt to. (Thank goodness for reloadable checkpoints!) There were the times I scratched my head wondering why I couldn’t take cover behind one crate but could behind an identical one. (The rules of locomotion are never absolutely clear.) But then the love affair was rekindled the moment I pinched out a candle’s flame and yanked a dowager’s earrings from her lobes unnoticed. (Unrealistic, certainly, but joyful nonetheless.) Whether you are new to the series or cut your teeth on Thief’s particular brand of stealth when it was still novel, I’d wager your feelings will waver as often as mine did.”

The worst review comes from the UK print newspaper The Telegraph, who said ” I had more fun making my way up to bed in the dark after playing Thief than I did at any point during its benighted trudge across The City. If you come across someone else with a copy, it might be a kindness to steal it.”

Not very promising, then.

At time of writing, Thief currently has a Metacritic score of 69, which seems to echo the overall tone of the available reviews. It appears to be a good but very much flawed or unpolished game. A shame, especially given the drought of next-gen titles we’re currently experiencing.

Intelligent Gamer doesn’t have a review copy (unsurprisingly) but we’ll give you our thoughts when we can.



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