Playstation Plus Freebies for March 2014

The March 2014 Instant Game collection for Playstation Plus subscribers has been announced, and it looks fantastic.

Playstation 4 owners get Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, a top-down shoot ‘em up set in an apocalyptic zombie-infested world, from the talented developer Housemarque, famous for the Super Stardust titles and, more recently, the critically acclaimed RESOGUN. What’s so special about this Apocolypse Edition, I hear you ask? Well, Apocalypse Edition features a full campaign mode which can be played solo or in co-op. The ‘Road to Devastation’ expansion is included too, giving you two extra game modes – Arcade and Endless, allowing you to test yourself against ever increasing odds.

Playstation 3 owners get the amazing Tomb Raider reboot for free. If you’ve never played this, you really should, as our review points out. PS3 owners will also get Brothers A Tale of Two Sons, an epic fairy tale adventure through villages, hills and mountains, solving puzzles and challenges in an effort to save your ill father by collecting the water from the tree of life. In this unique title you control each brother simultaneously using the Dualshock analogue sticks allowing you to experience co-op play in a single player mode like never before.

Playstation Vita owners get Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HDa well received tower defense game. Engage in online/ad-hoc co-op to make the most of all three islands; encounter monsters, towers and challenges from all previous editions of PixelJunk Monsters. You’ll also get Smart As, the Playstation equivalent of Nintendo’s Brain Training series of game.

All of this is out on March 5th. If you haven’t downloaded the previous months worth of titles yet, you’d best hurry, as they all leave on the same day too.



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