Titanfall Launches Tomorrow. Are The Servers Ready?

Earlier on this site I spoke of Titanfall’s impending launch, and my worry that Electronic Art’s track record on game launches reliant on server infrastructure was poor, at best. With Titanfall being multiplayer only, is it ready for the rushing weight of launch day numbers? Or will it fall, like SimCity and Battlefield 4 before it?

Over at Forbes, they’ve noted that a new patch has just been issued to help server stability following some issues a night ago. Not a good start, especially given the game hasn’t even launched yet. However, the article also quotes a Respawn engineer as saying from here on in, server issues are Microsofts problem.

“One of the really nice things about it is that it isn’t my problem, right? We just say [to Microsoft], here are our estimates, aim for more than that, plan for problems and make sure there are more than enough servers available — they’ll know the whole time that they need to bring more servers online.”

I suspect that may be true of the XBox version of the game, but given the PC version is sold through EA’s Origin, it might be different on that platform

Either way, we’ll know in less than 24 hours how the launch of Titanfall went. And we’ll be keeping a keen eye on it here at IG as well.


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