Super Mario Kart Out Now on Wii U VC

The original Super Mario Kart from the glory days of the Super Nintendo era has just dropped on the Wii U Virtual Console service at the usual SNES game price of $10.40. It’s as good as you remember it, although those who’ve become used to the more refined power slide of more recent games in the series will find the controls a little imprecise. But that doesn’t matter, does it? I mean, if you played and loved this game back in the day, you already know whether or not you’re buying this.

But here’s the sweetener! If you were planning on buying Mario Kart 8 digitally, your purchase of Super Mario Kart will entitle you to a $10.40 discount when you do. Basically this means if you buy this and Mario Kart 8, you’re essentially getting Super Mario Kart for free. When you factor in the 10% Wii U Premium owners get back from eShop purchases, you could be looking at roughly 20% off the total purchase price on Mario Kart 8 when it hits on May 30th.

Basically, this is well worth getting, even if it is starting to show its age. It’s a deserved classic, and if you’re planning on getting Mario Kart 8 digitally, it’s basically free.


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