New Mario Kart 8 Trailer Looks Fantastic

Mario Kart 8, due to be released on May 31st, is going to be fantastic if the latest trailer (below) is anything to go by. Check it out!

Graphically speaking, it looks almost like something you could expect to find on a PS4 or XBox One. There’s a few jaggies here and there, but this isn’t even the final build, so it’s possible Nintendo will smooth them out before release.


The trailer also highlights some of the new items you can expect to use in the game, including the Boomerang and Potted Piranha Plant from Super Mario 3D World.


In addition to new items, the trailer shows off some new characters, like Metal Mario and ShyGuy.


This game seriously can’t come out soon enough.And don’t forget; if you’re planning on buying Mario Kart 8 digitally, you can get almost 20% off the purchase price if you buy Super Mario Kart from the Wii U eShop’s Virtual Console service right now.


Are you going to be buying Mario Kart 8? Or does this trailer not excite you? Sound off in the comments below!


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